Welcome EURCV – Societe Generale – FORGE’s stablecoin

Welcome EURCV – Societe Generale – FORGE’s stablecoin

We’re excited to announce we are the first crypto exchange listing EURCV (EUR CoinVertible), a stablecoin brought by Societe Generale – FORGE (SG-FORGE). As the crypto asset subsidiary of one of the- largest bank in Europe, SG-FORGE has leveraged all Societe Generale’s structuring and regulatory expertise to create this innovative digital asset, now available for trading on Bitstamp.

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EURCV Listing Schedule

EURCV pairs will be available for trading globally.*



During the initial phase, deposits and withdrawals will be limited to investors whitelisted by SG-FORGE.

Transfer phase:

We’re enabling transfers on Friday, December 1, 2023, at 12:00 PM CET.

Please note that during the initial phase, only trading will be enabled. Exceptions apply to investors whitelisted by SG-FORGE.

Post-only mode: Wednesday, December 6, 2023, at 11:00 AM CET.

You will be able to place and cancel limit orders, but they won't be matched yet. This ensures an orderly market buildup.

Limit-only mode: Wednesday, December 6, 2023, at 12:00 AM CET.

Limit orders start to be matched, laying the groundwork for full trading capabilities.

Full trading: will be enabled as soon as the order books gain sufficient liquidity, at which point all order types and card purchases for the new pairs will be available.


EURCV is an ERC20 token, a stablecoin tied to the Euro, aiming to offer a stable value asset in the volatile world of digital currencies. Its launch as the first Euro-denominated stablecoin issued by a fully regulated subsidiary of a global bank marks an exciting milestone, bridging the gap between traditional fiat and cryptocurrency, and marking a shift in the market towards more diverse currency representations in the crypto space. EURCV is backed by deposits in euros and cash equivalents and is secured by a legal structure guaranteeing:

  • the complete segregation of the collateral assets held to back the value of the stablecoins from the issuer,
  • direct access given to whitelisted token-holders on the collateral assets,
  • the implementation of business continuity plan mechanisms in case of a market or technological event.

Want to learn more about stablecoins? We recommend reading What are stablecoins? on our Learn Center.

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*EURCV is listed globally, with exceptions for the US and Singapore.