USD transfers update

Dear customers,

As you may be aware, USD withdrawals are taking longer than usual to process. We want to assure you that the only reason for the delays some of you have experienced is our ongoing process of onboarding new payment service providers.

Our goal is to create a branched-out and robust banking infrastructure for fiat transfers, as we believe this is the best way to serve our customers in the long term. We are making progress and USD deposits should now be working normally. Withdrawals are still encountering delays, but we are working on removing this bottleneck and are optimistic that delays will be eliminated soon.

In certain cases, we are required to collect additional information before we can process your deposit or withdrawal. If we contact you for additional information, please provide this info as soon as you can in order to avoid delays.

Other things you can do to get your withdrawal processed within acceptable timeframes:

USA residents and/or customers with USA bank accounts:

Make sure you provide correct bank details and a matching ACH routing number. If you are unsure which routing number to use, please contact your bank before submitting a withdrawal.
ATM addresses are not accepted.
If withdrawing to a branch or subsidiary bank, the details may be different than the main bank. Make sure that the address matches the ACH routing number.

Customers with banks outside of USA:

If withdrawing to a bank outside the USA, provide correct and up-to-date banking details, especially the SWIFT/BIC code and address of your bank or subsidiary.
If you have IBAN, please provide it on the withdrawal form.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we deal with this matter. As always, providing a reliable service for our customers is our main priority and we are doing everything we can on our end.

The Bitstamp Team