Two-Factor Authentication to Become Obligatory for all Bitstamp Accounts

Dear customers,

in order to ensure maximum security of our platform, we have decided to make two-factor authentication (2FA) obligatory for all Bitstamp accounts. From June 30 onward, only accounts with enabled 2FA will be able to trade at Bitstamp.

After the deadline, accounts without enabled 2FA will be able to login and change account settings, but will not be able to execute any trades.

The Two-factor authentication feature represents an extra layer of security for Bitstamp accounts, functioning as an encrypted, automatically generated second password.

Once you have enabled 2FA, you will be asked to provide two pieces of information every time you login to your account: your password and a 6-digit authentication code.

A new authentication code is generated every 30 seconds by an authentication app. Bitstamp currently supports Google Authenticator and DUO two-factor authentication applications. We plan on adding support for more authentication apps soon.

For more information on how to enable 2FA for your Bitstamp account, see our two-factor authentication guide.

The Bitstamp Team