The insider’s guide to crypto regulations & compliance - Bringing clarity over complexity around the world

The insider’s guide to crypto regulations & compliance - Bringing clarity over complexity around the world

Cryptocurrency regulations and compliance requirements vary significantly across the globe, making it a challenging landscape for businesses and investors to navigate. Our compliance teams from all Bitstamp entities around the world have come together to produce a comprehensive guide on adhering to the intricate regulations of the crypto industry, in order to give you an understanding of what it's needed to provide safe and compliant access to crypto. It provides you with the fundamental elements of cryptocurrency compliance that are prevalent across most jurisdictions worldwide and explores the changing regulatory environment in major financial markets.

Join us as we explore why compliance matters and how Bitstamp’s expertise can help you find clarity through the demanding regulatory landscape.

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Entering crypto due to popular demand

As more and more financial companies and institutions venture into the crypto market due to customer demand, there’s an increasingly greater need for understanding the regulations surrounding this asset class to mitigate financial risks, ensure protection against fraud and cybercrime and, along with that, to comply with regulatory requirements.

Misconception exists that cryptocurrency is lightly or unregulated, but this is not accurate. Though the rules for activities in crypto are in many cases the same as for traditional assets, the nature of cryptocurrency adds additional layers of complexity. But what are the exact regulatory requirements of your region, how often do they change and what measures the companies need to take to set up the appropriate operational frameworks to become and maintain compliance?

From traditional finance to crypto: understanding regulation evolution

Our extensive Insider’s Guide to Crypto Regulation and Compliance offers an overview of the evolution of cryptocurrency regulation, its comparison to regulation in traditional finance, and the crucial elements of a successful crypto compliance plan for any company wishing to enter crypto. It also examines recent regulatory developments in major markets including the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

The challenges of setting up a crypto solution for your clients

To give you a better understanding of what it takes to start offering crypto to your clients, we have, through the prism of the constantly evolving cryptocurrency regulatory landscape, highlighted the core components of a successful crypto compliance program:

  • Transaction monitoring and blockchain forensics
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) with Know Your Customer (KYC) processes
  • Sanctions and counter-terrorism measures
  • Cybersecurity
  • The Travel Rule
  • Anti-market manipulation measures
  • Consumer protection and offering continuous education

All of these need to be finetuned to jurisdiction-specific regulations around the globe. Various market participants entering the crypto space may manage the demands independently with their own resources or need varying levels of support and expertise.

The cryptocurrency regulation is intricate and constantly changing by jurisdiction. Our experts can assist in staying current with regulatory and market changes to maintain a compliant infrastructure.