Songbird (SGB) distribution

Songbird (SGB) distribution

We’re receiving numerous inquiries regarding the distribution of SGB as part of the Flare’s airdrop, so read on if you held XRP in your Bitstamp account on 12 December 2020 – it concerns you.

Along with the launch of the Canary Network, an operational blockchain for live testing with a defined token supply, Flare Networks is distributing Songbird tokens (SGB), intended to be used to test features associated with their main net – Flare. The Flare network itself will bring Ethereum-based smart contracts to non-Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible networks like the XRP Ledger. You can find more info here.

Ok, back to the SGB airdrop. It was distributed in a single drop, and in the same ratio to all the same recipients that participated in the FLR distribution. So, for each XRP, that the users held at the time of the December snapshot, they get 0.1511 SGB.

The Flare Network announced that the SGB tokens were distributed on 16th September 2021. We inform all our customers who were eligible to receive the SGB tokens on their Bitstamp account, that we are preparing the necessary framework to distribute the tokens.

In other words, we received SGB on your behalf, and will move it to your account as soon as the technical background is prepared.

We’ll keep you up to date with the unfolding of events related to Songbird airdrop, so stay tuned!

For more info on any other details regarding the SGB tokens or the Songbird project, we suggest you contact the Flare Network directly.