Place block trades quickly and at optimal prices with Bitstamp OTC RFQ

Place block trades quickly and at optimal prices with Bitstamp OTC RFQ

We’re launching our Over-the-Counter Request-for-Quote* (OTC RFQ) service for high-volume traders who need to fill large orders whilst avoiding slippage and disruption of the regular spot market.

OTC trading is available via API or the Bitstamp platform, meaning you can fully utilize our institutional-grade NASDAQ trading infrastructure and non-stop availability.

You find the opportunity; we take care of everything else

Our OTC service is available for buy/sell orders between $100k-1M**. We provide you with this service on an automated Request-for-Quote basis by instantly obtaining the optimal price quotes from our multiple dealers for each trade. There’s no 3rd party needed, you simply connect to our APIs or log in to your Bitstamp account using our web platform and choose OTC in the top menu. Build your order from a range of options and your trade gets executed in a single transaction after accepting our all-inclusive price quote. It’s all seamless and intuitive, done directly via your existing trading interface.

Available assets for OTC RFQ trading:

BTC, ETH, XRP, DAI, LTC, XLM, BCH, USDC, USDT, USD, EUR (for all crypto trading pairs available on Bitstamp)

Instant large trades are just a click away

The Bitstamp OTC RFQ service provides you with a block trading service that is discreet, fast and ultra-competitive. We’ve made your trading experience as smooth as possible. Simply connect to our APIs or log into the Bitstamp web platform and take your block trading to the next level with OTC. For more information, feel free to contact our team at

* OTC RFQ is not available to customers in the US and the UK.

**The amounts are subject to change.