Partnership to enhance customer protection and market integrity

Dear customers,

Today we announced a partnership with Irisium, a leading provider of market monitoring and analytics software for exchanges, regulators, buy-side and sell-side firms. Bitstamp will use Irisium’s holistic monitoring platform to gain further insights into market activity.

Our goal is to enhance customer protection and market integrity at Bitstamp, which we believe are crucial pursuits as the crypto industry continues to grow and evolve.

“We are committed to crypto in the long-term,” said CEO and founder Nejc Kodrič. “Our desire is to provide a fair and orderly market which reflects accurate supply and demand. In order for the industry to mature, effective market monitoring is crucial. We are cooperating closely with Irisium and will leverage their significant experience to provide a more robust and transparent trading venue for our customers.”

Bitstamp already placed an emphasis on customer protection through KYC/AML procedures, advanced security software and protocols. Now, our efforts will get a boost from Irisium’s state of the art technology.

The Bitstamp Team