New live trading interface - TradeView

Dear Bitstamp clients,

Bitstamp is excited to announce TradeView, our new graphical, live trading interface.

This interface allows clients to easily follow the situations on the market and to simply place and monitor their open orders. This first version of TradeView lays the foundation for future enhancements which will further enhance the trading experience for Bitstamp clients.

We hope you enjoy it. Please send any comments and feedback to our support.

Here is a quick guide how to use TradeView

How To Place A Limit Order

1. Click BUY or SELL icon on the chart:

A form will appear on the chart:

2. Enter the amount of BTC to buy or sell

or enter the amount of USD you want to spend or receive.

3. Drag and drop the horizontal line to set the desired price.

4. Finalize your offer by clicking BUY or SELL.

Optional, you can hit “add if order” to place the conditional order.

Limit order can be cancelled by clicking on the cancel button (X) in “My open orders” column.

How do conditional (add if orders) orders work?

Add if orders give you ability to set trigger for connected order.

Placing an buy order at $355.03 for 2.81666338 BTC and adding “add if order” to sell at $367.65 would mean that if both conditions are met trader will have two executed limit orders, first a buy order and then sell order for the exact same amount. Price difference between those two orders is trader’s profit. In this example that is 3.55% or $35.55.

Add if orders can be also added to sell orders. Trader who sells his BTC and sets a trigger to re-buy at lower price, will then collect a profit in BTC.

What is Market depth chart?

Market depth chart is real time visualisation of bids and asks pressure on each price level.
Bitstamp’s market depth chart has an green line representing bid orders, a red line representing ask orders. These lines can never overlap but can sometimes have gap between them. This is called spread. Price of lowest ask or highest bit is the price at which next trade will execute.

Chart can be zoomed in by pressing plus[+] or zoomed out by pressing minus [-].

What is Orderbook?

Orderbook is a list of buy and sell orders organized by price level. The order book lists the amount of bitcoins being bid or offered at each price point. The order book is dynamic and constantly updated in real time.

Hot keys:

[+] zoom in market depth chart
[-] zoom out market depth chart
[T] See your last trades
[B] Place buy limit order
[S] Place sell limit order
[O] Show last price/your account’s USD value/your account’s BTC value

TradeView is using ChartIQ charts.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our support.

Bitstamp team

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