New mobile app launch

Dear customers,

We just launched a new Bitstamp app for iOS and Android. Built from the ground up to combine all the tools that make Bitstamp attractive for advanced traders in an intuitive interface, simple enough that anyone can begin trading in seconds.

Besides buying and selling crypto, the app can be used to explore the market through real-time charts and send and receive crypto free of charge.

Features of the new app include:

- Simple buy/sell interface for beginners
- Tradeview for experienced traders
- All currencies paired with USD, EUR and BTC
- Instant, market, limit and stop orders available
- Check your balances, transaction history and transaction details
- Remotely disable the app in case your phone is lost
- Send crypto for free

Download the new app for mobile access to all of Bitstamp’s trading pairs and order types:

Get it on the Apple App Store for iOS.
Get it on the Google Play Store for Android.

The old Bitstamp app will remain functional for now, but will be disabled after a one-month crossover period. We suggest all users switch to the new app immediately for improved performance, reliability and more features.

We will regularly release updates and new features for the app. If you find there’s something missing or just have a suggestions on how to improve it, please let us know at Our product team will consider all ideas when deciding what to build next.

Besides working on the mobile version of Bitstamp, we’re also preparing a number of upgrades for our desktop platform in an all-around effort to improve our users’ trading experience. Next up: New Tradeview interface.

The Bitstamp Team

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