NEW FEATURE: Withdrawal Address Whitelisting

Dear customers,

We have added a new security feature to our site, which will help prevent unauthorized
cryptocurrency withdrawals from Bitstamp.

With withdrawal address whitelisting turned on, your account will only be able to make
cryptocurrency withdrawals to addresses you have added to the whitelist. This means any
address you want to withdraw crypto to will have to be added to the whitelist before making a

If you choose to enable this feature, it will be up to you to add or delete addresses from your
whitelist. However, we have made withdrawal address whitelisting very simple to set up and

You can also disable the feature at any time, which will once again allow your account to
withdraw crypto to any address, without limits.

Click here to enable withdrawal address whitelisting for your Bitstamp account.

For customers that use APIs, the new feature will introduce minor changes to the way you
manage your whitelist through the API. We have sent you an email with the relevant information.

The Bitstamp Team