Join the flow: SUI, the token behind the Sui platform, is now up for grabs on Bitstamp

Join the flow: SUI, the token behind the Sui platform, is now up for grabs on Bitstamp

At Bitstamp, we’re always looking for new currencies that meet our benchmark for security and reliability.

We’re now listing SUI, the native token for the innovative Sui platform.

Sui is the world's first permissionless Layer 1 blockchain, designed for the next generation of dapps. This proof-of-stake (PoS) network has the unique capacity to process simple transactions in parallel. It offers greater speed and scalability for real-time transactions, ideal for Web3 applications.

SUI is listed globally (excluding the US).

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SUI trading on Bitstamp

We will enable transfers on Monday, May 8, 2023. *  

Post-only mode: Monday May 8, 2023, at 09:15 AM CET*

You’ll be able to place and cancel limit orders, but they won’t be matched, which means no orders will be completed during this stage.

Limit-only mode: Monday, May 8, 2023, at 13:00 PM CET *

Limit orders will be matched.

Full trading: Once our order books gather sufficient liquidity, we will enable all order types, as well as card purchases for the new trading pairs.

The new trading pairs will be:

About the Sui platform

Sui is a Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform designed to make digital asset ownership fast, private, secure, and accessible. This proof-of-stake (PoS) platform is maintained by a permissionless set of validators who play a role similar to validators or miners in other blockchain systems.

Its name is inspired by "sui”, the Japanese word for water, which represents everything that’s flowing and formless. The Sui platform is a fluid, adaptable and versatile ecosystem designed for instant settlement and high throughput to deliver next-generation latency-sensitive dapps. It’s built using Sui Move, a derivative of the core Move programming language for smart contracts.

Sui’s distributed computing model and validator fee structure mean that validators can add more processing power as load increases. Validators are incentivized to add capacity because they earn more gas fees. This model lets Sui grow while maintaining flat, stable gas fees, allowing more users to join. Increased network capacity ensures that games run quickly, productivity apps respond reliably, and social posts are seen globally.

Most transactions on the Sui blockchain can be processed in parallel. This makes better use of processing resources and offers the option to increase throughput by adding more resources. For simple transactions like payments and asset transfers, Sui uses simpler, lower-latency primitives – which can be carried out almost instantaneously – instead of consensus (where validators must verify a transaction). Most other blockchains can’t bypass consensus in this way. This allows Sui to be used for distributed applications where speed is required, ranging from gaming to retail payments at physical points of sale – anything where transactions need to be completed in real time.

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* Listing schedule timings may be subject to change.

SUI will not be available in the US.