Increased demand

Dear Bitstamp Ltd customers,

As digital currencies continue to gain in popularity, the increase in the number of new traders on exchanges like ours can exert significant pressure on the customer service team. Our duty to fulfil our compliance obligations also means that there are limits as to how much of the onboarding process can be automated, which imposes additional demands on our staff.

As you might expect, this recent spike in popularity has led to us receiving significantly higher numbers of customer support queries and verification requests. We have therefore acted quickly in order to maintain our high levels of customer service, which has involved the onboarding of additional support staff. Alongside this, we have developed and will implement a system to expedite the resolution of these issues over the long term.

If you are experiencing any support or verification issues, please read the information below in order to help make the process quicker and easier.

Support Status

Please note that current response times are longer than usual.

Once raising your request, please do not send any further requests for the same issue. Since we respond to every ticket raised, this only serves to make response times more difficult to meet. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve your queries.

If you are experiencing delays with credit card payments, please check your email inbox (and your spam/junk folder). Our partner, Simplex, may have reached out to you regarding your payment. If this is the case, please reply to their email.

Verification process

All customers that have submitted a verification request can check their verification status here. If the verification status is ‘pending’, this means that the verification has been submitted successfully and is awaiting our review. If the verification status is ‘denied’, this means that an email with further instructions has been sent to your registered email address.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The current timeframes and details for bank deposits are detailed below.*

  • The bitcoin deposit process still comprises 3 confirmations.
  • Bitcoin withdrawals are not delayed.
  • SEPA and wire deposits are still processed on the day they are received.
  • SEPA and wire withdrawals are taking extra time to process, and may take up to 3 business days (from our end).
  • XRP and IOU deposits: before sending XRP or IOU, please double check that you send the payment to the correct address and do not forget to include the destination tag. You can find them here:


In order to avoid your deposit being processed manually, please ensure that you type the correct deposit reference number in your deposit remittance information so that our system can automatically match it to your account.

Owing to this surge in demand, our phone support service is currently offline. Therefore, should you require any further information about any of the above, please check our FAQs. If your question is not dealt with there, please open a support ticket or contact our support team at

We would like to also take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all our new customers and to thank our existing customers for your continued loyalty and support.

Although we are currently overloaded, please rest assured that we are working around the clock to ensure that your queries and issues are resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience!

The Bitstamp Team

* These timeframes are accurate. However, if you would like further confirmation of the status of your withdrawal/deposit, please include your proof of transfer in the email you send.