ETH withdrawal delays

Dear customers of Bitstamp Ltd,

Please be advised that ETH withdrawals are currently delayed on our platform due to network congestion. Our system is based on smart contracts, which means that ETH withdrawal transactions are processed individually and in succession. If an unmined transaction is at the front of the queue, the transactions behind it remain stuck until each is confirmed and processed.

However, we are happy to inform you that we have found a solution to the issue. We have replaced the old hashes with new ones, and all of the backlogged ETH transactions have been re-sent with higher fees. This means that they should all be processed within the next 24 hours, however we expect that the majority of backlogged transactions will be processed sooner.

Please check our social media channels for all real-time updates and news on the progress we are making. We are very grateful to you for your understanding.

The Bitstamp Team