ETH staking coming to Bitstamp - sign up for early access

ETH staking coming to Bitstamp - sign up for early access

We’ve started rolling out Ethereum staking at Bitstamp! We’re taking our platform beyond just trading to allow you to earn crypto using the assets you already hold in your account.

We will be rolling out this feature gradually over the coming weeks, however, you can skip the wait and sign up for early access to ETH staking at Bitstamp.

Click here to sign up for early access.

Please note that, initially after launch, staking will not be available for US customers, so applying to the shortlist from the US will not get you early access.

When you sign up, we’ll add you to the shortlist and enable staking for your account as soon as possible.

What is ETH staking?
Staking allows you to use your ETH to earn more crypto by locking up your assets on the Ethereum blockchain for a set period of time. At Bitstamp, we’ve made staking secure and very simple. We take care of all the technical details in the background and you can start earning crypto in a few simple clicks. To learn more about staking at Bitstamp, read our FAQ.

For more updates on the full-scale launch of ETH staking, follow our Twitter channel