Earn more by lending XRP – A permanent 2.00% APY increase unlocked

Earn more by lending XRP – A permanent 2.00% APY increase unlocked

Staking and Lending is not available in the US, UK, Singapore, Japan and Canada.

We have exciting news for both XRP enthusiasts as well as those who would just like to get started with earning yield by utilizing their crypto. We are boosting the annual percentage yield (APY) on lending XRP to 2.0%! The best part? The boosted APY is here to stay!

Key benefits of crypto lending via Bitstamp Earn

Get to know Bitstamp’s secure way to make your crypto work even harder for you. Below are the key factors that make our lending service the most transparent in the market today.

Lend with confidence

We never lend or convert your assets without your express instruction. And we offer complete transparency by showing you the actual earn rates you’ll get. Our partner, Tesseract, only lends to reputable institutions and undertakes rigorous risk and credit assessments for all borrowers.

Get monthly performance reports

Our monthly performance report gives you key metrics, such as pool and reward performances, borrower risk profiles, collateral levels, and portfolio concentration. It’s a key part of our lending service’s value and commitment to transparency.

Want to see more? Check out the latest June 2023 edition.

Earn high yield on a wide selection of crypto assets

XRP isn’t the only crypto you can lend. You can start earning yield with BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, XRP, BCH, LINK, LTC and APE. Earn up to 4.4% APY with daily payouts and no lock-in periods, so you have complete control over your crypto.

To find out more about Bitstamp Earn Lending you can [read our FAQ] and review the associated risk disclosure.

At Bitstamp, we believe in innovation meeting profitability. Join us in this exciting journey, and together, let's elevate your XRP lending game! It’s time to start lending your crypto with confidence—choose Bitstamp Earn Lending.

Availability of the lending product depends on a number of considerations, including the entity to which you are onboarded or including the jurisdiction where you reside.