Connect to Bitstamp's Lightning Node

Connect to Bitstamp's Lightning Node
As the world’s longest-standing crypto exchange, Bitstamp has been supporting blockchain and crypto development since 2011. We believe Lightning may be the next big step for Bitcoin and want to do our part to foster adoption of this amazing technology.

We’ve been following the development of the Lightning Network since its beginning. Now, we’re getting more actively involved by launching our own node.

The Lightning Network has immense potential to unlock new use cases for Bitcoin. It opens up a range of options for commerce and micropayments, which can greatly improve the utility of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange. The more people that get on board and support Lightning in any way they can, the sooner this potential will be realized.

By running our own Lightning Network node, we want to help the network grow and encourage other companies to start working with Lightning as well. Together, we can take it from promising experimental tech to a widely used system for instant global payments.

To learn more about Lightning or connect to our node, click here.