UPDATE: Community translates Bitstamp to Dutch, Italian, Polish & Slovenian

Dear Bitcoin community,

Bitstamp is dedicated to making Bitcoin a success. As part of our efforts, we wanted to make Bitcoin accessible to more non-English speakers.  To do this we opened the translation of Bitstamp to the community.  And, the community responded!

We are happy to announce that the community has contributed 4 translations for our exchange:

Further, we are now advertising Bitcoin and Bitstamp in these languages. This should expose both Bitcoin and Bitstamp to an even larger audience.

If you’d like to translate Bitstamp to your own language please see this announcement.

For those unfamiliar with Bitstamp:

  • Bitstamp has been serving Europe and the world since August 2011.
  • Our website features a proprietary simple and easy to use user interface.
  • We offer free SEPA deposits and fixed 0.90€ SEPA withdrawals.  Most transfers happen overnight.
  • We use Google Authenticator to provide free two-factor authentication.
  • We provide excellent and responsive customer support.
  • We actively develop Bitstamp to improve its services.

For more details, including our low fees and our volume discount program, please visit our site: https://www.bitstamp.net.

Best regards,
CEO, Nejc Kodrič
Bitstamp d.o.o.

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