Boo! Guess the Bitcoin’s price and win a Halloween goodie bag! If you dare ...

Boo! Guess the Bitcoin’s price and win a Halloween goodie bag! If you dare ...

Ghostly greetings!

(Cue spooky melody.)

Monsters vailing through the night,

You sweat as you guess the Bitcoin’s price,

Fear grabs you as you throw the dice,

Booo! Wait, maybe you’ll win the prize!

Has Bitstamp finally gone mad? No, not yet, there’s a point to that Shakespearesque poem above.

We dare you to throw the dice by predicting Bitcoin’s price on Halloween’s midnight (UTC time). Five of you wretched souls who either correctly guess the price or are closest to the actual price as seen on our exchange, win the prize! We’ll send you a goodie bag, filled with merchandise.

To participate in this utterly haunted prize competition, submit your answer by Friday, 29 October at midnight UTC as the reply to our post on our Twitter channel, tag a friend in the reply and share the post. Easy as carving a pumpkin. Enter at your own peril!

We wish you a very haunted Halloween!

Prize Competition Terms and Conditions

  • In order to participate, you must submit your answer until Friday, 29 October 2021 at midnight UTC (equals to Saturday, 30 October, 1 AM in London time), as the reply to the above-mentioned Bitstamp’s post on Twitter, tag a friend in the reply and share the post.
  • Only one answer per participant will be accepted as valid. In case you submit more than one answer, your first answer will count as the one participating in this Prize Competition.
  • The actual price that will be used as the price to which all the answers will be compared to will be the $USD price of one Bitcoin at Bitstamp Exchange (BTC/USD) on Sunday, 31 October at midnight UTC (equals to Monday, 1 November, 1 AM in London time). BTC price in $USD currency will be the only relevant price in the context of this contest and answers stating BTC price in any other currency will not be considered as valid.
  • Five (5) participants that will reply with the price closest to the $USD price of one bitcoin at Bitstamp Exchange at the specified time Monday, 31 October at midnight UTC (equals to Monday, 1 November, 1 AM in London time) will be designated as winners. In case more participants will reply with the exact same price, the reply posted earlier will be considered as the winner among those.
  • The winners will be announced on Tuesday, 2 November, 4 PM UTC (5 PM in London) in a post on Bitstamp’s Twitter account – we will tag the winners and contact them via direct message on Twitter.
  • The winners will have time to confirm the acceptance of the merch pack via direct message on Twitter until Friday, 5 November, 4 PM UTC (equals to Friday, 5 November, 5 PM in London time). In case any of the winners do not confirm the acceptance, the prize will be given to the next person eligible based on these Prize Competition Terms and Conditions.
  • In relation to this Prize Competition, Bitstamp reserves the right to: (i) impose additional restrictions related to eligibility, (ii) disqualify any participant, deny, or cancel the distribution of the prize, or deduct any prize received or yet to be received in case that it determines or believes that the prize was received or will be received in fraudulent manner, in error, or in violation of these Prize Competition Terms and Conditions or any other applicable terms, and/or (iii) accept any other appropriate measures to protect this Prize Competition and Bitstamp’s interests.
  • While Bitstamp does promote the official Bitstamp Referral Program and offer a legitimate method for earning cryptocurrency by using Bitstamp Earn, Bitstamp does not engage in any other giveaways. Please always check official Bitstamp website, Bitstamp Blog, official Bitstamp social media channels, or contact Bitstamp Support in case of any doubt.