Bitstamp’s Fifth Anniversary

Dear customers,

Today is Bitstamp's 5th anniversary! Since starting out in a garage on 22 August 2011 with little more than a dream, we now serve customers all over the world from our offices in Luxembourg, London and New York.

It certainly has not always been plain sailing, but reaching 1 million transactions in 2012, processing USD 12.8 billion in volume since we started and getting our licence this year have made it all worthwhile. And the feedback we have received confirms that you appreciate us doing things the right way.

Nejc Kodrič, our co-founder and CEO, shares his thoughts about the last 5 years here.

To mark this momentous occasion and reward our loyal customers, we have devised a 5-question quiz about Bitstamp

10 sleek Ledger Nano S's (RRP €69.60) and 100 Ledger Nanos (RRP €34.80), Nano S’s older brother, were up for grabs. The competition is now closed and all the winners will receive a notification email by 10 September 2016.

Thank you for all your support over the last five years. As always, we are determined to put your needs first, and we look forward to continue being your virtual currency exchange of choice.

Good luck!

The Bitstamp Team

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