Once again, Bitstamp is the world’s top-rated centralized crypto exchange

Once again, Bitstamp is the world’s top-rated centralized crypto exchange

Bitstamp has been named the #1 centralized crypto exchange in the world by CCData’s (formerly CryptoCompare) Exchange Benchmark for the second time running. We’re also the only exchange to receive five prestigious AA ratings in a row.

With the recent turbulence in banking, and the decline of FTX, the demand for reliable, secure crypto exchanges has never been greater. And now that crypto’s on the rise again, there’s even more emphasis on transparency in the centralized exchange sector, leading to increased regulatory scrutiny.

In this dynamic and ever-evolving space, choosing the right platform for your needs is vital – not only for newcomers, but for experienced traders and institutional investors too. That's where CCData comes in. As the leading provider of digital asset data, it offers unbiased and comprehensive crypto exchange ratings. We’re proud to say that in CCData’s latest Exchange Benchmark, we have once again received an AA rating and been ranked as the #1 centralized crypto exchange.

What is CCData?

CCData is an FCA-authorized benchmark administrator and leading institutional digital asset data provider, formerly known as CryptoCompare. The Exchange Benchmark was established in 2019 with the aim of bringing unbiased clarity to the digital asset exchange sector. The Benchmark provides a framework for assessing risk, and brings transparency and accountability to a market that can be complex.

But why is this significant? And what makes Bitstamp the top choice for traders around the globe?

Why Bitstamp holds the position as top-rated crypto exchange

Bitstamp scored highly across a range of categories, which evaluate to what extent we are:

Regulated and compliant

Bitstamp currently holds 51 licenses and registrations globally.  This means that we are held to the highest standards of compliance and must follow strict regulations, both to operate all aspects of our business, and to protect our users' funds and personal information. To that end, nearly a third of our team work in our compliance, regulation, legal, risk management, security and internal audit functions.

Reliable and trustworthy

Bitstamp has been in operation since 2011, making us the longest-running crypto exchange in the world. We have a proven track record of delivering reliable services and protecting the funds of 5 million users worldwide; we have a clean track record and unparalleled 99.99% uptime in the industry. All customer funds held on Bitstamp are 100% backed and available for withdrawal at any time. They are held 1:1 in custody – this means that for each coin our customers hold with us, that coin is safely held with a fully licensed, qualified custodian.

Safe and secure

User and information security is a high priority at Bitstamp. We use the latest technologies and industry best practices to safeguard our users' funds and information, underpinned by two important security certifications: SOC2 Type 2 and ISO/IEC 27001. Both certifications testify to our security commitment and prove that our security controls are effective.

Transparent and accountable

We believe in transparency and accountability. Since 2016, we’ve been audited globally by a Big Four accounting firm, and in jurisdictions where we hold licenses we’re supervised by regulators. We also undergo regular internal audits to ensure our systems are secure and our processes reliable and transparent.


We also prioritize the needs of our users. We offer live customer support around the globe to ensure that our users receive prompt and efficient assistance whenever they need it. We also provide educational resources and tools in our Learn Center.

Commitment to the pillars of crypto trading: why Bitstamp’s the top choice

CCData's Benchmark sets the gold standard for exchange rankings; it takes into account the multitude of factors necessary to make crypto trading secure, accessible and simple. Achieving CCData’s No.1 ranking for the second time in a row demonstrates our unwavering commitment to these essential pillars.

Find out more about why CCData ranked us as the #1 crypto exchange.

We’re proud to be recognized as a trusted and reputable platform for both retail traders and institutional investors seeking a safe and secure way to access the world of crypto. Join Bitstamp today and experience the unparalleled level of service and support that has made us the top choice for crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

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