Bitstamp Opens Up to Online Financing

Leading EU Bitcoin exchange
Bitstamp Opens Up to Online Financing

  • Passing 1 million transactions in 2012 and handling USD 12 billion in volume since starting out, Bitstamp is one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges.
  • Bitstamp Europe S.A. is the first and only Payment institution servicing a Bitcoin exchange.

Since starting out in 2011 as a raw start-up in a fledgling market, European-based Bitstamp has now consolidated its position as a standard bearer in the industry. Having spent heavily in order to become the first and only payment institution dedicated to the service a digital asset exchange, Bitstamp is now focused on expanding the range of products it offers in this compliant and fully regulated environment. In order to fund the accelerated development of products to be released in the coming months, qualifying investors now have the opportunity to take a stake in Bitstamp on the funding portal.  

Passing 1 million transactions in 2012 and handling USD 12 billion in volume since starting out represent two milestones on Bitstamp’s progress to becoming one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges. Shunning the approach taken by many Bitcoin exchanges, which continue even now to provide non-compliant and risky services in unregulated environments, Bitstamp realised that mainstream adoption would require regulation. Aware that the financial sector needed a prudent and careful exchange they could rely on, Bitstamp Europe S.A. responded by submitting itself to ongoing audits, security reviews and penetration testing to become a licensed payment institution in the EU’s 28 member states in April 2016. In this way, it providing a compliant, regulated and safe environment for its customers’ assets, often at the expense of providing more exotic products and services. With this strong foundation now in place, the purpose of this additional funding round is to accelerate the development of products within this new regulatory framework.

Bitstamp’s CEO, Nejc Kodric, had the following to say about the launch:

As we launch Bitstamp Ltd’s funding campaign on, we continue to lead the way among digital asset exchanges with our firm commitment to providing the oversight and reassurance that customers, investors and the financial industry need from a digital asset exchange. As the first Payment institution servicing an exchange to be fully licensed in all 28 EU member states, we are aware of the key role we play in regulating this sector of the financial industry. Digital assets aren’t on their way – they’re very much part of the here and now, and it has been a huge responsibility and privilege to be involved in setting up the regulatory framework for a better, transparent and more responsible financial industry.

Bitstamp received its first major funding two years ago to the tune of USD 10 million in seed funding from venture capitalist Pantera Capital. Now, after having spent heavily on obtaining its payment licence, the time has now come to press on. The funds raised in this round of funding will be used to accelerate the development of further products in the fully compliant and regulated environment afforded by the payment licence. The ultimate goal for the exchange is then to continue giving its customers and other stakeholders a reliable and easy-to-use global service for trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets under one roof.

This round of capital raising will be on 6 December 2016 and will close on 24 January 2017.

More details about the funding opportunity can be found here: