Bitstamp lists two new tokens – DGLD & LDO

Bitstamp lists two new tokens – DGLD & LDO

We’re listing DGLD, a token that serve as digital proof of ownership of allocated gold physically held in a Swiss vault, and LDO (Lido DAO token), the governance token of Lido - a liquid staking protocol.

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DGLD & LDO listing schedule*

We are listing the following pairs globally (except in the US and Singapore):




DGLD, short for "Digital Gold," is a stablecoin that brings together the inherent stability of gold with the convenience and accessibility of a cryptocurrency. It’s been designed to represent allocated and insured gold that is securely stored in Swiss vaults.

Each DGLD token is pegged to and backed by a specific amount of physical gold, providing holders with a reliable store of value within the digital ecosystem. This fusion of gold and blockchain technology allows individuals to easily buy, sell, and transfer ownership of gold in a fast, transparent, and borderless way.

With DGLD, token owners can enjoy the benefits of gold ownership without the logistical challenges, such as storage, and other limitations typically associated with physical gold.

For more information about the project and the token, please check out our Learn Center article What is DGLD?

About Lido DAO token (LDO)

LDO, which stands for "Lido DAO," is an essential component of the Lido protocol, a DeFi solution for staking ETH. LDO serves as the native governance token of the Lido DAO, empowering token holders to actively participate in the decision-making processes that govern the protocol.

Holders of LDO can propose and vote on important protocol upgrades, changes, and parameters, shaping the future development and direction of Lido. Moreover, LDO token holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards and actively participate in the protocol's governance.

LDO plays a vital role in fostering decentralization, community engagement, and collective decision-making within the Lido ecosystem.

Feel free to read more about the project in our article What is LDO?.

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*The listing schedule times might be subject to change.