Bitstamp Earn Lending: December 2023 Performance Report now available

Bitstamp Earn Lending: December 2023 Performance Report now available

It’s time to unveil the key lending insights of the previous month again. So here it is - the December Lending Performance Report for the Bitstamp Earn Lending service, packed with all the important data.

In partnership with Tesseract, we've crafted a report that shines a transparent light on the performance of Bitstamp's lending product. All our monthly reports are tailored for everyone – whether you're heavily involved in lending or are just getting introduced to it.

What's inside the report?

In our Lending Report, you'll find an expert analysis of current crypto market trends and opportunities, keeping you informed and prepared. It includes an in-depth look at the performance and concentration of Bitstamp's Earn Lending service, detailing overall growth, active loans, asset distribution, and the portion reserved as a liquidity buffer. Additionally, the report provides detailed insights into collateral ratios for each asset and assesses the financial health of borrowers through debt-to-equity ratios, giving you a comprehensive view of the lending platform's risk profile.

Ready for insights that matter and data you can trust?

Download the December 2023 Lending report now

We believe in empowering you with clear, secure insights for savvy decision-making in the ever-evolving crypto lending world. Stay connected for our consistent monthly updates.

* The availability of Bitstamp Earn Lending depends on many considerations, including the entity to which you are onboarded and the jurisdiction where you reside. Lending is not available in the US, UK, and Singapore.