The Bitstamp app now features instant card purchases

We’ve added credit and debit card purchases to the Bitstamp app! With this update, Bitstamp customers worldwide can instantly deposit money to their accounts and buy crypto.

Bitstamp customers from most countries can use Visa, Maestro or Mastercard branded cards to buy any of our supported cryptocurrencies  using USD, EUR or GBP.

Card purchases at Bitstamp are not yet available in the US, however, US customers can use ACH to instantly deposit funds from their bank to Bitstamp and start trading in seconds.

The addition of card purchases, in combination with ACH in the US, brings at least one form of instant deposits to Bitstamp app users worldwide. We will continue both adding new features and expanding the availability of all our services across the world to make our app an even more powerful trading companion.

You can use the Bitstamp app’s mix of quick and simple features and advanced tools to:
- Check prices quickly with our widget
- Buy crypto instantly with debit or credit cards
- Trade crypto with four different order types
- Initiate deposits and withdrawals, including instant ACH deposits in the US
- Explore real-time charts
- Send and receive crypto

Download the latest version of the Bitstamp app on  Google Play or App Store to buy crypto with your credit or debit card while on the move.

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