Bitstamp Ltd announces Phase II in its development

Dear customers,

Since starting out in 2011, our mission has been to be the safest and most reliable digital currency exchange on the market. As you know, our watchwords have always been stability and organic growth, and we have always taken a cautious approach. This mentality has served us well, and now the time is right to take the next step towards the fulfilment of our vision.

We have new digital currency trading pairs to announce. There’s some news about our website redesign and a new trading interface too. Oh, and we also have an update on margin trading. Exciting times lie ahead!

Website Redesign
Yes, that’s right. We have spruced up our look. And our brand-new landing page is just the first phase in the website’s complete redesign. With new products and services on the way, the changes we have planned aren’t just cosmetic – they reflect what’s to come for the next stage in our continued development. Our spring cleaning efforts also include the creation of a new logo, which we think looks particularly dapper!

New Trading Interface
Just to keep you up to speed, we are also preparing a completely new trading interface, which will be faster, simpler and easier to use. Stay tuned for more news on this!

Litecoin Launch and Ethereum
Having already set solid foundations for Bitstamp Ltd's long-term future, it is now time to press ahead with the addition of further trading pairs and services. And the successful introduction of XRP trading on our exchange confirms the wisdom in our prudent and careful approach. Litecoin has now emerged as the next candidate, with LTC/BTC, LTC/EUR and LTC/USD trading pairs to be launched in early June 2017. As you would expect, the news that SegWit is likely to be activated for Litecoin was one of the key factors in our decision. We are also encouraged by Ethereum’s (ETH) potential, which will be made available shortly after, and we will continue to consider other digital currencies for inclusion on an ongoing basis.

Margin Trading
We are also happy to announce that we are now testing our margin trading service, which is in its closed BETA phase. Currently open to a handful of our customers, we will be gradually opening up access to everyone in the months ahead. Watch this space for updates!

Bitstamp Ltd CEO, Nejc Kodrič, had the following to say about the announcement: “Things are changing rapidly and we now have the fundamentals in place to give our traders all the services they’re used to, but in a safe and secure environment. Now is the right time to expand and continue giving our customers what they want.”

If you have any questions about our LTC and ETH launches, the website redesign, our new trading interface or our margin trading plans, please contact

The Bitstamp Team