Bitstamp adds withdrawal e-mail conformation

As the popularity of crypto currencies increases, so do the chances of unauthorized account logins. Although Bitstamp is constantly pursuing the highest standards of security, Bitstamp cannot guarantee to prevent account abuses, which result from the actions of our users.

To raise the level of protection, Bitstamp provides email conformations for withdraws. The new safety feature, which offers additional protection of our users’ funds, includes the option to make E-mail Confirmations of bitcoin, ripple and bank withdrawals. This option, along with the highly recommended Two-factor Authentication, forms a solid security standard, which will surely gain wide recognition and use among our users.

To setup this feature go to Account > Security > Withdrawal e-mail conformation and choose the preferred setting. We highly recommend you also setup two factor authentication for accessing your Bitstamp account.

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Bitstamp team